RT300 is our line of FES cycles for upper extremity, lower extremity or both.
RT300 includes features essential to effective clinic use:

  • Select up to 16 muscle groups based on patient need; lower and upper and core
  • Full capacity (140mA) stimulation adjustable for optimum patient comfort and performance
  • Ability to establish multiple therapies for each patient including intervals and isometric
  • Integration with RTILink.com and unlimited number of patients
  • Comprehensive training program including web courses, in clinic and residential courses
  • Comprehensive support from our clinical and technical teams
  • Path to home use for suitable patients via our low cost entry systems, reimbursement program and financing


Provides FES leg or arm cycling from a seated position.

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Provides FES leg cycling from a seated position.  Available in a pediatric version.

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Provides FES arm cycling from a seated or standing position.

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RT300 supine

Provides leg or arm cycling from a supine position.
Available with and without FES.

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