Restorative Therapies' mission is to help people with neurological impairments or critical illness achieve their full recovery potential.

We're the people who help people with a neurological impairment or critical illness achieve their full recovery potential. Since 2005, our therapy systems have helped over 70,000 people achieve their full recovery potential.

With Restorative Therapies, you can count on technical innovation and world-class design, productive research, clinical relationships and ongoing commitment to our customers across the continuum of care. In this, we are supported by our guiding principles:

At Restorative Therapies we want to help you do more than you ever expected.
We’re committed to delivering innovative functional electrical stimulation (FES) devices and therapies to help you stay healthy, stay active and stay ready.  It's our mission to help you to achieve your full recovery potential.

Provide you with the best therapies, services and support.
Restorative Therapies has more experience and data on FES powered systems than any other company.

Our philosophy is to invest strongly in research and development to develop the highest quality, most technologically advanced products to enhance your outcomes. 

We strive to deliver excellent customer service throughout our sales, insurance reimbursement and installation processes.  Once you have your system, our experienced clinical and technical support teams are there to help keep you progressing.

You can be sure that we’re listening to you and your clinicians and working on new technical innovations.  Our ongoing participation in research is advancing the field of Functional Electrical Stimulation and early rehabilitation therapy.  New products and free software upgrades are a part of our commitment to you.

Build relationships with health care professionals.
Restorative Therapies is committed to creating relationships with health care professionals who provide neurological rehabilitation and critical care. Our FES systems are being adopted by leading clinics everywhere and we continually provide clinical education and training.  We're dedicated to the people who can help you to achieve your goals. Read about clinical partnerships with Restorative Therapies.

Jim Janicki CEO